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Connecting en Comunidad in Times of Physical Distancing

As we shift into this unprecedented moment of physical distancing, we want to honor the ways in which we can remain socially connected. As a collective, we have been in non-stop communication with each other to navigate our pressures, fears and stress during these uncertain moments. In light of it all, we wanted to share what we are doing to practice self and communal love, acceptance, flexibility, and light. We hope you find these as helpful tools for reflection and resilience. We also want to acknowledge our community and family members who don’t cease to be public facing in these trying times— i.e. those in the service industry, our nurses, doctors, and other first responders; this also includes those tending to our community as transportation workers, domestic workers, mail carriers, etc. The list goes on. We thank you from the bottom of our corazones and hope you are finding ways to stay protected. In honor of them, our elders, and the little people in our lives, we look for ways to stay close to home and keep our circles tight. To that end, here is a list of ideas we have curated together:

  1. Do check-in’s with your homegirls, comadres, homies and family members to help you process and uplift your spirit.

  2. Work with one or two other families to create an informal curriculum for homeschooling/home nurturing your children - share tasks with one another virtually and stay on the same schedule to do check-ins, alternate roles, and exchange ideas.

  3. Embrace your place and process. Embrace other’s place and process.

  4. Dance.

  5. Spend 30-45 minutes out in the sun for vitamin D and energy revitalization. Consider planting a small garden or even growing food like green onions from scraps in your kitchen.

  6. There are a lot of open access and free exercise programs available - yoga, HIIT programs, etc. to try out at home. We recommend @ironfirestrengthandfitness.

  7. Download the “Liberate” app to meditate. It’s free and POC owned!

  8. Start a QTBIPOC/WOC writing group (consider joining Cecilia Caballero’s online workshops! @bookworm_por_vida).

  9. This is a good time to start a podcast with your friends.

  10. Turn off screens as much as possible, stay informed but don’t overwhelm yourself, your families, your kids.

  11. Share recipes and zoom/skype/facetime in to cook together. Look to @kitchencurandera or @guayabakitchen for some ideas!

  12. Daily rituals help maintain balance. Journaling, burning medicine (sage, creosote, palo santo), baños/baths (with herbs such as rosemary, lavender, or dried rose petals) and/or reading for pleasure every morning or evening can be grounding.

  13. Join virtual paint parties with no skills needed - your kids and Spanish speaking parents/family members can be part of it! We recommend El Comalito Collective as they explain steps in both English and Spanish.

  14. Staying home is important but we recognize that being home isn’t always a safe place. Here are some resources for help.

  15. Reclaim connection, safety, care, and play with your children over meeting rigorous standards for distance learning.

  16. Lastly, less is more. Don’t feel pressured to be productive, pick up a new hobby, or write that book you’ve always dreamed of. Do what is enough to keep you going and prioritize rest and healing for yourself and your familias. Descansen.

Be well, be safe. Todo se hace en comunidad. Desde aqui, con ustedes.

“Our Labor Is Our Prayer, Our Mothering Is Our Offering”

Yvette, Michelle, Judi, Christine and Ceci (The Chicana M(other)work Collective)

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