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Description of Episode 1: 

In this episode we provide an update on what we've been up to since the publication of our anthology. 


Description of Episode 2: 

In this second episode, Christine and Judi check-in with you. We talk about professoring while mothering and training for a half-marathon. 


Description of Episode 4: 

In this episode, Cecilia and Yvette provide an update on their healing process and current state of their autoimmune disease and chronic illness. They discuss breaking silences and reparenting themselves. 


Description of Episode 5: 

In this episode we interview the co-founders of Latinx Parenting, Leslie P. Arreola-Hillenbrand and Lizeth Toscano. We discuss breaking intergenerational harm in our families, parenting with nonviolence, and much more!


Description of Episode 7: 

In this episode, Judi and Michelle interview Dra. Sonya Aleman, professor at University of Texas at San Antonio and they discuss what it's like raising teens.


Description of Episode 8: 

In this episode, Michelle, Yvette, and Cecilia interview Dra. Carol Brochin and Lizette Trujillo as they discuss what it's like radically parenting trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming children. 

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Description of Episode 3: 

In this episode, we discuss our progress after signing up for the Parenting Decolonized Challenge. 

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Description of Episode 6: 

In this episode, we check-in and discuss how we are managing Covid-19 as mothers of color. 

Description of Episode 9: 

In this episode, Dr. Nereida Oliva and Katherine Maldonado, PhD Candidate, share their family court system experience to raise consciousness of how Chicana mothers get caught up in systems or power. Abolition now!

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Description of Episode 10: 

In this episode, featuring Dr. Martha Gonzalez, we discuss how her life experiences and activism shape her music and scholarship. 

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Description of Episode 11: 

This episode features the incredible Chicana writer Gris Muñoz. We discuss her new book Coatlicue Girl, writing as healing, mental health, and much more! 

CMW Podcast - Season 3
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