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Description of Episode 1: 

In this re-launch episode, Chicana M(othe)rwork is back! Thanks to generous community support, we are now publishing episodes via Soundcloud and recording with our own equipment. In this back-to-school episode, we address why we are re-launching the podcast, offer our gratitude, and share what it feels like to be back in the grind of school and work. 

Description of Episode 2: 

In this second episode, Chicana M(other)work is honored to have Andrea Penagos as a speaker. Andrea is a licensed acupuncturist, energy worker, herbalist, and curandera. She offers her knowledge about the changing fall season and the ways we can honor our ancestors during Dia de los Muertos. Andrea also shares tips for people of color to seek holistic healing and care. 

Description of Episode 3: 

In this episode we hold a much-needed processing circle to discuss our feelings regarding the election results. Our guest speaker is Esmi Sanchez who provides us with wise advice on how to carry our medicine through difficult times. We dedicate this podcast to her late father, Ramon Chunky Sanchez. We also provide protest tips for parents and kids, advice on how to be an ally, and review ways to disrupt racism. 

Description of Episode 4: 

In this episode we interview Emileah Lujan, a 22-year-old Taos Pueblo Water Protector. Lujan discusses her motivations for going to Standing Rock, the importance of intertribal solidarity, indigenous revolution, and how folks can support the Standing Rock Water Protectors. We close the episode with an incredible live ceremonial song offering of "Water is Life" by Winterbear Suazo, a Taos Pueblo Water Protector.

Description of Episode 5: 

In this episode we interview Xicana mother, writer, and activist, Ana Castillo. We discuss her memoir, Black Dove, her queer single Xicana mothering, our fears of raising brown boys in the age of mass incarceration and police brutality, combating state violence and patriarchy through mothering, self, and community care for mothers of color, depression and mental illness in our Mexican and Latinx communities, and much more!

Description of Episode 6: 

In this episode, Chicana M(other)work is interviewed by Esther Diaz Martin, a Mexicana migrante and Chicana PhD mama. Esther researches, in her words, "Latina feminisms as heard through the voice of contemporary Latina podcast and radio locutoras."

Description of Episode 7: 

In this special mini-episode, Cecilia Caballero from Chicana M(other)work teamed up with Trina Greene Brown, Black feminist mama-activist and founder of Parenting for Liberation, for a panel titled "Mothering the Revolution" at the Allied Media Conference 2017. 

Description of Episode 8: 

In July 2017, Michelle and Cecilia from CMW interviewed two Southern California-based and self-identified Chicana punk moms. They had a conversation about how a Chicana punk rock ethos informs their lives, their community work, and, most importantly, their mothering.

Description of Episode 9: 

In this episode, Chicana M(other)work interviews a Chingona Chicana Chef from La Guayaba Kitchen at the Tia Chuchas Centro Cultural in Sylmar, CA. We cook up hood gourmet and good conversations. 

Description of Episode 10: 

In this episode, Ceci interviews Dr. Yvette Martinez-Vu about Chicana Mothering on the Alt Ac. Some topics they discuss include: postpartum depression, navigating chronic illnesses, veganism, and mothering a mixed race special needs child.  


Description of Episode 11: 

In this episode, we cover the topic of a "Raising Liberated Children" workshop with mothers who are incarcerated at a California women's prison. We discuss how the workshop came together, the power of storytelling, and communal healing. 


Description of Episode 12: 

This episode addresses how we navigate being Chicana moms in academia while managing autoimmune disease, childhood trauma, and forms of ancestral healing. We share strategies, readings, and healing practitioners to help us address intergenerational trauma and heal. 

Episode 13.png

Description of Episode 13: 

This is a Mother’s Day special to all the mommas hustling. We honor Celina Peña’s graduation, she’s the founding mother for MOCA de Rio Hondo. This episode is on single motherhood, organizing, community college, and the day to day m(other)work that is often invisible labor that we demand becomes visible! 

Episode 14.png

Description of Episode 14: 

In this episode, Chicana M(other)work interviews Dr. Rebecca M. Calisi Rodriguez, an Assistant Professor at UC Davis, a Chicana, a mother, a scholar, a scientist, and an advocate for mothers in science and beyond.

CMW Podcast - Season 2
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