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We, the Chicana M(other)work Collective, stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. In our collective, we identify as Afro-Xicana, Xicana, and Chicana-Indigena as a way to recognize the over 500 years of genocidal erasure and resistance. Through our work, we strive to make visible the experiences of Mothers of Color in our communities, institutions, and families. As Mothers of Color navigating and challenging state violence and racial injustice, we honor the voices and lived experiences and leadership of Black people as we work towards dismantling anti-Blackness in our communities while being accountable for our harms. We remain committed to the collective project of liberation.

We’ve created this Social Justice Summer Curriculum because we believe that teaching abolition and liberation begins at home. We invite you to share, exchange, and develop your own small learning circles around it with your children and communities.  En comunidad se hace todo/we do all things in/with community.

What is Chicana M(other)work?

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Chicana M(other)work is a concept and project informed by our specific gendered, classed, and racialized experiences. Chicana M(other)work offers a new interpretation of motherwork that looks at the layers of care work we do in our communities through activism, self-care, teaching and mothering. Please review our projects, writings and podcast and send us a message to share your thoughts!



Check out our anthology (March 2019) from The University of Arizona Press and The Feminist Wire Book Series.

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