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Episode 1: Introductions and Intentions


This week on the show, Christine, Cecilia and Yvette introduce themselves for the first time. We dedicate this podcast to Berta Caceres, the indigenous environmental justice rights activist from Honduras who was assassinated in her home on March 2. We talk about how we met each other and how Chicana Motherwork came to be. We also discuss what Chicana Motherwork means to us and reference other scholarship that informs our work, including Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines and Mothering: Ideology, Experience, and Agency. We mention our future plans for the podcast and how we aim to create a space for Chicana mothers, mothers of color, and allies to come together to revolutionize mothering.The second part of the podcast we briefly check-in and mention our proud mama moments. The podcast ends with shout-outs to the Projecto Jardín, Mothers of Color in Academia de UCLA, The Undercommons, our family, friends, and colleagues. 



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