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Episode 10: Chicana Mothering on the Alt-Ac
with Dr. Yvette Martínez-Vu


This is the first interview in a series of five podcasts in which listeners will learn more about each of the five CMW members. In this episode, Ceci interviews Dr. Yvette Martinez-Vu about Chicana Mothering on the Alt Ac. Join us as Yvette discusses transitioning from the tenure-track to the alt-ac, she shares what her current job as the Assistant Director for UCSB's McNair Scholars program is like, what life is like after earning her PhD as a first generation Chicana scholar, her postpartum depression as a WOC PhD student, how she navigates an invisible chronic illness and daily pain in academic spaces, how a recent switch to a vegan diet has improved her health, what it's like mothering a mixed race child (her child is Vietnamese and Chicanx) who has special needs (autism and apraxia), her long-term goals, and much more.



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