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In this episode, Chicana M(other)work is interviewed by Esther Diaz Martin, a Mexicana migrante and Chicana PhD mama. Esther researches, in her words, "Latina feminisms as heard through the voice of contemporary Latina podcast and radio locutoras." First, we begin the podcast by sharing our end-of-term experiences and our initial thoughts about reviewing submissions for the Chicana M(other)work anthology during our retreat in Santa Barbara. Then, for the interview, we discuss why we created the CM podcast, how we engage with Chicana vs. Latina feminisms in our work and lived experiences, the intentions behind the multiple forms of sonic and digital media that we have produced, how we navigate power dynamics, silencing, and respectability politics in academia as junior women of color mother-scholars, and future plans for the podcast.



Chicana/Latina Studies: The Journal of MALCS, 16:2

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