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Episode 3: Post-Election Platica and Healing Circle with Activist-Mother Esmi Sanchez


We dedicate this podcast to Chicano activist, musician, and beloved community member of San Diego and beyond, Ramon "Chunky" Gonzalez. We play the song "Chicano Park" by his band Los Alacranes in his honor. His daughter, activist-mother Esmi Sanchez, joins us as a guest with Michelle, Judi, Yvette, Christine, and Cecilia. Through a platica and healing circle, we discuss the aftermath of the presidential election and its affects upon ourselves, our children, and our communities and how we can work together strategically with the intention to create community and cultivate radical love. We close by sharing resources about how to dismantle and fight racism, especially as they relate to populations which are the most vulnerable.


Election Processing Circle Plan


The Law Offices of Torres & Caraves


How to Stop Islamophobic Attacks in 4 Simple Steps


Films for Action: 5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

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