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Episode 2: Dia de los Muertos, Honoring Our Ancestors,
and Holistic Healing with Andrea Penagos


In the second episode of the Chicana M(other)work podcast, Yvette, Christine, and Cecilia are joined by special guest Andrea Penagos, licensed acupuncturist, energy worker, herbalist, and curandera. Andrea offers her knowledge about the the transitions of the fall season and the ways we can honor our ancestors by planting seeds and letting go. She shares self and community care strategies for people of color. Then, Yvette and Christine check-in about their children, everything from accessing services for special needs children to sleep training, while Cecilia shares her most recent experiences about navigating conference spaces as a first generation, low-income, woman of color student. We close by sharing information about the forthcoming Chicana M(other)work anthology and our call for papers, we announce the winner of the Chicana M(other)work T-shirt contest, and we end with shout-outs to our loved ones and those who inspire us.



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